No-Cost Collaborative Program

No-Cost Collaborative Program

A special IACLP program that provides free access to the Collaborative Law Process
for families of limited financial resources, subject to eligibility

What is Collaborative Law?

Collaborative Law is a process designed to minimize conflict between parties who are working toward resolution of a legal dispute. The parties, their lawyers and any other professional involved, agree to make a good faith attempt to reach a mutually acceptable settlement without going to court. Working together, they strive to resolve their disputes in a way that addresses everyone’s needs.

Is the Collaborative Law Process right for you?

Consider the Collaborative Law Process if you and your spouse or partner

  • Place a high value on personal responsibility in resolving conflict.
  • Are able to focus on a positive solution for the entire family.
  • Believe it is important to protect your children from the harm litigation can inflict.
  • Want to preserve a respectful working relationship during and after the process is over.
  • See the need to disclose full and accurate information about financial issues.

There are 2 options available through the No-Cost Collaborative program:

  • Separation and Divorce – Free Collaborative lawyers for separation and divorce offered in partnership with Legal Assistance of Western New York (LAWNY).
  • Custody and Parenting Time –  Free access to the Collaborative Law Process for custody and parenting time offered through the Tompkins County Assigned Counsel Program (TCACP).

Further Questions?

You may send an email to: inquiry@collab-law.com, or call 607-288-3099 to speak with an IACLP member.